Beauty Infusion

About Our Beauty Infusion

Renew your inner beauty with this blend of nutrients
Renew your inner beauty with this blend of nutrients

Restore your healthy, youthful glow with this blend of nutrients designed to improve your complexion, boost collagen production, and strengthen your hair and nails.This infusion is full of the ultimate beauty ingredients, a favorite among clients.

Vitamin C and glutathione are both powerful antioxidants and their effectiveness increases when combined together. Vitamin C helps to regenerate skin cells while glutathione helps reduce oxidation and repair skin cells.

In addition to these vital ingredients, vitamin B complex and biotin are added to rejuvenate your body from within, helping to improve your complexion so that you can look and feel your best.

Dehydration leads to dry, wrinkled skin, and plumping it from within with a liter of intravenous fluid can have visible results.  Because you receive this fluid directly into your bloodstream, it accomplishes within minutes what drinking gallons of water would take hours to accomplish.


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