Immunity IV Infusion

About Our Immunity Infusion

Supercharge your immune system with a blend of IV fluids, vitamins and antioxidants.
This infusion includes all the nutrients you need to feel your very best.

Stay ahead of seasonal illnesses by giving your immune system extra support with a boost of hydration, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Getting sick can set you back for days or even weeks, and nobody has time for that in today’s fast-paced world. Or if you are already sick and having trouble bouncing back, then a boost to your immune system may be just what you need.

​This infusion includes B vitamins to support a wide array of bodily functions and a high dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C may not be the cure for the common cold but it appears to exert a very diverse action in protecting overall health.

Zinc is an essential mineral that has been shown to interfere with viral ability to replicate and can reduce the duration of colds by as much as three days.

Dehydration induced by the common cold can leave you depleted of not only fluids but also essential electrolytes causing a wide variety of symptoms. One liter of intravenous fluid can rehydrate you in minutes, something that drinking gallons of water can only accomplish after 5-8 hours because it has to be absorbed through your digestive tract.