Patient Reviews

Shovan O.
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First off, I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Rome & Denise. They are so brilliant & knowledgeable! Along with their exceptional professionalism, the kindness they exhibit shines as they truly go above & beyond to cater to their patients’ needs.

My daughter’s journey began several years ago starting with counselors & therapists in middle school. Shortly after, we established care with a mental health specialist who started her on oral medication. When the first one didn’t work we tried another, then another & so on. Before we knew it, a few years had passed & she was taking such an ungodly amount of medications we didn’t know what was or wasn’t working. Overall, she still didn't show or feel much, if any, improvement.

Treatment resistant depression is real & more common than people realize. As a parent it is devastating to watch your child experience this. For the person going through it, it is even worse. They feel so hopeless & discouraged.

Hopelessness & discouragement caused my daughter to be very skeptical when we began her Ketamine journey. She was afraid to be optimistic. She didn’t want to be upset if this turned out to be like all the other failed medications she had tried.

Shortly after her first infusion we were amazed at the therapeutic response! She continued the infusion regimen & started to trust the process. It has truly been a saving grace, not only for my daughter, but for our family. To see her thriving has mended our hearts.

We are so thankful for Dr. Rome & Denise at Mindful Infusions. For anyone struggling I highly recommend you consider their services & trust the process. It can change your life!
Brad H.
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Dr. Rome and Denise were absolutely wonderful! I was a little nervous about trying ketamine, but my first infusion ended up being AMAZING! For about 40 minutes: I got to experience what I can only describe as THE BEST, MOST LUCID DREAM OF MY LIFE, in which my mind was expanded into having thoughts/revelations that I may have never had otherwise. I had 6 sessions total, each delivering a unique experience from the next — not always what I wanted/expected, but ultimately what I needed.

My outlook on life has completely changed for the better. I would most definitely recommend a consultation to anyone who is currently struggling in life and/or wants to see the Universe thru a different set of glasses. My experience was overall very positive, and I hope that others can be as fortunate to be helped by ketamine like I was. Thank you Dr. Rome and Denise!!! I hope I don’t need another infusion any time soon, but can’t wait to see them both again!
Daniel S.
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I write this review thinking of where I was two months ago, before ever contacting Mindful Infusions, still living in the void that is depression and the fear that is constant anxiety. Simply put – Dr. Rome and the clinic’s nurse Denise provided me with a treatment that has given me my life back. I have been in counseling and on a variety of different medicines for well over a decade in hopes to treat my often-crippling depression and anxiety. I tried to get better. I forced myself out of bed and into the doctor’s office countless times only to go through the same circus of starting a new medicine and hoping it would work only to have those hopes crushed when once again I found that it did not, and I was still just as depressed and anxious as ever.

After years of trying different things, I started to completely discount when someone would assure me that there was light at the end of the tunnel – that hope was worth hanging on to and that at some point a treatment would work. There is hope. The Ketamine treatments offered at Mindful Infusions gave me my life back. The medical professionals who run the clinic are arguably the best in the country – we are wildly lucky to have them in Middle Tennessee. Dr. Rome and the head nurse Denise are invested in their patient’s success and their passion for the improvement in our lives in evident from the second you connect on the phone throughout your entire treatment.

The clinic feels like a spa, with warm colors and comfortable furniture, Bose headphones and weighted blankets to make your journey as pleasant as can be. The staff at Mindful Infusions has gone above and beyond to make the entire experience as safe and relaxing as possible. The brilliant medical team at Mindful Infusions was able to answer all of my questions about Ketamine and I found tons of research to back up everything the staff tells you. From Harvard to Yale Ketamine has been researched and studied and proven to be safe and to work. We should consider ourselves beyond lucky to have this clinic in our community. If I could go back to the old me and tell myself one thing it would be to drop what I was doing and to call Mindful Infusions. I hate that I went so long living with my illness when this treatment was available, but I am so thankful that I finally found it. You get one life – one chance at real happiness. Don’t continue to live alone in the darkness. Call Denise and Dr. Rome at Mindful Infusions, and be well again.
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This has been an incredible experience and it is truly life changing. I went from having a loop of negative thoughts all the time to having a clear head. It’s brought me back to being able to enjoy life and feel more fulfilled. The experience was incredible as well, I felt very cared for, I was comfortable and I was also very welcomed. Any questions I had were answered thoroughly.

The whole experience was very peaceful. I believe that anyone who is struggling should give this a shot, because it works incredibly…, especially with the people at the office guiding you through it all.
Kristyn O.
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I am SO thankful I found not only these treatments but also the incredible women that run this clinic. I looked around, did a lot of research, and I immediately felt a connection when speaking with Denise on the phone.

This was a big step to take, and they walked me through it and quite literally held my hand. I cannot believe the difference this treatment has made in my overall well-being, and the changes in me have been SO VERY apparent to the ones who love me, and have been around me supporting me for a long time.

I feel an optimism I used to think I'd never find again, and fervor for living, and the progress I've made in a few short weeks gives me hope. I've yet to see what the long-term effects are, but I plan on periodically getting treatment now and then to keep me going in the right direction, which is straight up! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mindful Infusions!
Kale S.
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Throughout my life, I've tried everything to help with my mental health. Most resulted in medications that made me feel numb or strange and never seemed to address the core issue. This journey led me to trying ketamin infusions. I was very skeptical going in but thought it was worth a try.

The doctors at Mindful Infusions were very professional and had answers to all my questions (and there were many!). They provided a very calming environment and take every medical precaution before beginning any treatment. The treatment itself was truly incredible. Each experience was different and yet felt like exactly what I needed.

As I continued treatment, i started noticing less and less ongoing anxiety and even reduction in my overall depression. If you're tired of struggling with traditional medicine and looking for modern ways to address your overall wellbeing, I strongly recommend the team at Mindful Infusions. Not only did I get ketamin infusions but also performance/vitamin infusions at the same time. My mind and body feel better than it has in years! Invest in your health and give it a try!
Jeff S.
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The professional and caring environment provided by Dr. Rome and Denise is exactly what I needed when searching for a better way of dealing with depression and anxiety.

The results have been absolutely outstanding! I'm able to process stress much more effectively and have started finding the joy in things that I thought would never return. I recommend Mindful Infusions for anyone that is struggling with depression and is ready to make a change for the better!
Steve J.
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I reached out to Mindful Infusions for a recurring mood disorder that I’ve struggled with most of my life. Of all the different treatments, medications, and therapy that I’ve been through in my journey to find self-love and acceptance for how difficult life can feel at times, a series of Ketamine infusions, along with a willingness to want a happier life has allowed for the most profound impact and the fastest onset time in relieving my symptoms.

Almost nothing feels insurmountable anymore, my anxiety and low mood states are seemingly gone (other than when life happens) and I can feel myself quickly navigating back to a stable mood without using distractions or denial or any other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

The office setting offers a calm, peaceful and private environment to seek relief from whatever is it you are suffering from. I would recommend to anyone that wants to live a better quality of life.
Lisa C.
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This was a very pleasant experience for me, overall. Dr Rome and Denise are very warm and caring. The facility is both relaxed and professional. They monitor your BP and heart rate throughout the treatment and at no time do you feel unsafe. I highly recommend Mindful Infusions.